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Acoustic panels are a fantastic way to absorb sound and insulate an area. Until recently, however, the only way to use them meant sacrificing style and design to function.

New decorative acoustic panels, however, help make achieving your personal style easier than ever before, while still providing you with the sound absorption you need.

For the home or office, new decorative acoustic panels can complement any space.

Lower Sound and Raise the Roof in Color

  1. Color and texture are an important part of any room’s décor. Now you can have both, while you insulate your walls and ceilings from sound at the same time. These flowing wave tiles create an integral pattern as they move across the room, seamlessly bringing form and function together in one space.

decorative acoustic panels

Create Your Personal Sound Style

  1. Peel-and-stick hexagonal tiles allow you to create any look or pattern you’d like, while lowering and deadening sound at the same time. Go for an ombre effect or create a more traditional flower pattern; the choice is yours with these fun and easy to install tiles. Just peel off the backs and stick them anywhere you need a little extra sound control.

decorative acoustic panels

Focus On Your Style – Not Sound

  1. If you like patterns, you’ll love these peel and stick Geometry tiles. Create a repeating pattern in bold shades and colors anywhere you need sound insulation. These tiles can be endlessly combined to form any number of looks; think of them like a puzzle where the solution is anything you want it to be.

decorative acoustic panels

Get Away at a Moment’s Notice

  1. If you don’t always have access to a room with good acoustics and sound insulation, what do you do when you need a quiet place to work? With these movable panels, you can set up a temporary, instant barrier against intrusive noises. When it’s time to go, fold them up and take them with you easily, then use them again anytime you need some space.

decorative acoustic panels

An Industrial Style Solution

  1. Many urban spaces, old industrial buildings, and lofts have issues with sound carrying. Unfortunately for many people who live in these spaces, the more traditional types of acoustical paneling doesn’t always match their décor. New, decorative panels made to look like corrugated metal, however, easily complement urban spaces, helping to absorb some of the noise.

decorative acoustic panels

Create Some Fun Sound Deadening Design

  1. If you have a space that’s too large or not set up for acoustic panels, you don’t have to be confined to traditional ideas. This children’s museum created the perfect complement to their space with these custom-cut panels, which are adhered to MDF and suspended from the ceiling. They absorb sound perfectly from this position, while adding a fun and friendly vibe to the room.

decorative acoustic panels

A More Decorative Sound Solution

  1. If you need a way to dampen the sound in a room, it’s likely that the ceiling is the first place you’ll look. Decorative baffles suspended from the ceiling can not only get the job done, they can also make a fun and appealing statement in the room as well. Now you can raise the aesthetics of your space, while you lower the sound.

decorative acoustic panels

A True Work of Decorative Art

  1. For anyone that has ever thought that acoustical panels need to be utilitarian to do their job, the EchoSky Curved system has the answer. These unique curved panels are suspended from the ceiling, allowing you to selectively enhance the acoustics in specific areas of the room, without having to sacrifice the style of the function of the space.

decorative acoustic panels

Start Thinking Outside of the (Light) Box

  1. Decorative acoustic paneling is so versatile, there’s no need to use it in traditional ways if something more unconventional will be a better fit. In this study area, the panels were used to enclose a light fixture to help absorb sounds in the room, and create unique, aesthetically pleasing lights at the same time.

decorative acoustic panels

Let Your Colors Be Loud – Not Your Sounds

  1. Conference rooms tend to be a little on the noisy side of things, echoing uncomfortably when not properly insulated, which doesn’t always help their function. If you want to create a space with dynamic vibes, however, that carry more weight than sound, consider using bold panels with colors and textures that will get everyone excited about the possibilities you can create there, and not about a lot of excess noise.

decorative acoustic panels

Protect Your Sound Investments

Good acoustics are an important part of business and home life. Don’t trade style for function however; with new decorative acoustic panels now you can have the looks, style, and functional sound absorption you want at the same time. Invest in new decorative acoustics for your home or office to get the best of both worlds.

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