Acoustic Baffles

Acoustic Baffles – Soundproofing Foam

Acoustic Baffle Options

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Acoustic Baffles are made with an absorbing, open-cell melamine, class 1 fire rated flame spread and smoke density acoustical foam.

Acoustic Baffles are designed to hang from ceilings in open spaces to reduce reverberation or echo. They are very effective in a variety of applications such as: gymnasiums, multipurpose rooms, large classrooms or music rooms, manufacturing facilities, aquatic centers and indoor pools.

Acoustic Baffles are a huge help in reducing the noise and reverberation or echo within a space, while improving communication. These baffles can absorb sound energy from multiple sources.

Memtech Acoustical offers a wide variety of acoustical baffles, each of which is uniquely designed for various applications.

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