Acoustic Barrier Walls

Acoustic Barrier Walls

Acoustic Barrier Walls are used to block noise transmitted from one area to another. Memtech Acoustical has a few different options when it comes to acoustic barrier walls, give us a call to determine which choice best fits your individual needs.

We offer metal acoustical barriers which use lightweight, sound absorptive modular panel system that is placed between the noise source and receiver.

We also offer acoustical barrier curtains which comes in three different options. The barrier septum curtains combine quilted vinyl faced layers of willtec foam and noise barrier material, ultimately creating a curtain that both contains and absorbs noise.

We also offer quilted absorber curtains which combine the sound absorbing features of willtec foam with the advantages of durable, cleanable and abrasion-resistant facings. In addition, we offer barrier backed curtains, which features sound absorptive willtec foam quilted with a vinyl facing on one side that is bonded to a reinforced noise barrier material.

We also offer mass loaded vinyl barrier, an optimal solution for isolating noisy machinery or improving the transmission loss of substandard walls and ceilings.

Metal Acoustical Barriers are made with the same quality and performance as George Koch Sons’ acoustical enclosures. This 4” thick wall panel comes with many options, sizes, and colors.

Acoustical Barrier Curtains can be used to construct partial enclosure walls, and portable panels. Curtains are available with many options and can be used for interior or exterior applications.

Picture Courtesy of Pinta Acoustic, incLoaded Vinyl Barrier is a cost effective solution to noise control. This reinforced vinyl material is suitable for industrial applications and more. We have the in shop capabilities to supply vinyl barrier curtains of any size and configuration.

Acoustical Curtain Options:

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