Acoustic Composites

Acoustic Composites – Soundproofing Materials

Acoustic Composites


Acoustic composites are a highly effective noise control solution refined for heavy industrial, high noise applications.

Acoustic Composite is an attractive solution for absorbing and containing noise and vibrations in many different types of settings. The panels come standard with a convoluted surface and gray HPC facing for easy clean-up. Rugged Tedlar® facing is available to withstand harsher chemicals and cleaning. Aluminized Mylar® is also available for special applications.

Acoustic Composite Applications:

  • Under machinery hoods
  • Engine compartments
  • To line thin enclosures around machinery, air compressors or similar noise sources
  • Over substandard walls between manufacturing plant offices

Color Options

  • Light Grey


  • Composite
  • With or without PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive)