Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic Wall Panels – Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Wall Panel Options

Acoustic wall panels are made of an absorptive, class 1 fire rated for flame spread and smoke density, acoustic foam material that is typically mounted on walls and ceilings.

Acoustic wall panels are available in a variety of colors and options to coordinate with any décor. They are great for a wide range of application such as: schools, religious facilities, gymnasiums, restaurants, offices, auditoriums, and lobbies.

Acoustic wall panels are a great option for absorbing sound and reducing reverberation or echo in a space. Many of our acoustic wall panels are available in an HPC-coated finish.

Our exclusive HPC formulation protects the foam from dust and dirt, making it possible to wipe panels clean using only a damp cloth.

We have many different varieties of acoustic wall panels, which allows the customer to match with many different style and decor types, all the while providing outstanding acoustical performance to your space.

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