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Memtech Acoustical has supplied and built many styles and types of acoustical enclosures encompassing a wide range of applications. Acoustical enclosures are generally used in three different ways.

Either to enclose or isolate noisy equipment or operations, enclose or isolate personnel, operators and technicians, or to create controlled test and measurement environments.

Whether it’s a NVH cell, anechoic/hemi-anechoic test chamber or noise containment enclosures, we will work with our customers from the initial noise study through the final construction.

We will advise as to the many styles and options of acoustical enclosures available and make a recommendation based on the customers’ need and performance.




Metal Noise Enclosures are custom built with many different features, and are used in a wide range of applications. We provide the highest quality and best engineered acoustical enclosures available.

While providing superior sound attention, they also serve as a dust free climate controlled environment for sensitive equipment and testing operations.

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Flexible Curtain Acoustical Enclosures are often an effective and economic approach to noise control. These curtain enclosures are designed specifically for your need and are available with several options.

Sound Seal curtains are the choice for many industrial applications and more.

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ABS Noise Enclosures are custom designed, made with tough, impact resistant, ABS plastic. ABS withstands high temperatures which makes it an ideal material for machine and motor enclosures.

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Modular Enclosures offer structural integrity combined with flexibility. The large selection of extrusions and hardware allow the designer to decide on size, shape and orientation needed for each particular application.

These bases and frames can include items such as linear components, electrical wire ways and pneumatic manifolds built right into the design of the structure.





The products below are manufactured by pinta acoustic, inc. and marketed by Memtech Acoustical, LLC

SONEX Curtain Barrier Backed

SONEX Curtain Barrier Backed is a composite that features sound absorptive willtec® foam quilted with a vinyl facing on one side, bonded to a reinforced noise barrier material on the other.

This product provides both excellent sound transmission loss and sound absorption performance.

SONEX Curtain Quilted Absorber

Memtech Acoustical quilted absorbers can be applied to an existing stockade fence to prevent the noise from “bouncing” up and over the fence as it did at a Minnesota truck distribution center.

Industrial composite products can be used in conjunction with a chain link fence to surround a noisy area or to line a noisy building.

SONEX Curtain Barrier Septum

SONEX Curtain Barrier Septum combines sound absorbing and noise barrier properties into one product.

An effective “sandwich” of layers, consisting of quilted vinyl-faced layers of willtec foam bonded on both sides of noise barrier material producing a curtain that both contains and absorbs noise.

SONEX Curtain Custom Enclosures

  • High actual noise reduction up to 25dB, depending on application.
  • Custom-engineered systems for almost any environment.
  • Washable and steam cleanable component materials
  • Quick and easy access to enclosed machinery and equipment for operation and maintenance.
  • Variety of framing systems available
  • Class 1 fire-rated.

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