Everything in the world is resonant at some frequency. This means everything that exists vibrates at a certain rate when struck or excited. Some examples – the Earth has a resonant frequency of 8HZ (Hertz, or cycles per second) and the human eye has a resonant frequency of 19HZ. Tuning forks are designed to have […]

Photo by Daniel Kinnetz

More often than not noise transfers via ductwork – whether it be in a residence, an industrial facility, or a commercial office building. Sometimes the noise is from the HVAC system itself and other times the noise travels from vent to vent (ie. One person is talking in an office that has shared ductwork with […]

If you work in a loud environment, you can be damaging your hearing over time. Although noise-induced hearing loss might be one of the biggest concerns for loud working environments, there are other concerns as well. Noise is a distraction that reduces productivity, especially for difficult or complex tasks and it stifles communication. It can […]

Second only to aging, loud noise is the leading cause of hearing loss among adults. A recent report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that 24% of adults have audiometric notches. This suggests a high prevalence of noise-induced hearing loss. Additionally, nearly one third of those who reported loud noise at work […]

How To Guard Against Summer Ear Injuries! By Mark Rosenberg, M.D. Summer is here and I know I’m going to start seeing a lot more patients with ear complaints and injuries. Why? Many ear conditions and injuries arise from things associated with warm weather and busier outdoor activity, like water sports, motorcycles, amusement park rides, Fourth […]