The Problem With Construction Noise Though construction noise is temporary, it seems to be found practically everywhere. It feels like there is always a plaza to be built, a road to be fixed, or an apartment complex to be assembled. Construction is both something we can see and definitely something we can hear. Imagine being […]

willtec sheets

Willtec Sheets – FAQ  What are Willtec Sheets made of and what acoustical purpose do they serve? Willtec foam is made from lightweight porous melamine and meets several requirements for fire resistance, heat shielding, sound control and cushioning without compromising important characteristics such as weight, flexibility, or reasonable cost. This product meets all ASTM E84 requirements […]

learning about noise

What is Noise? Noise, we hear it all day long. It’s everywhere we go, in our cars, in our homes, at the office, you name it. If you think that noise is each and every sound you hear during your daily routines, you’re mistaken. Noise is in fact defined as an unwanted sound, like nails […]

Sonex Valueline Panels

Sonex Valueline Panels – FAQ How do Sonex Valueline Panels help in quieting a space? They offer excellent acoustical control across all frequencies with a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) ranging from 0.75 to 1.05. They are especially effective at absorbing excessive sound at the middle frequencies (500 and 1,000 Hz) where unwanted noise and reverberation can […]

Sonex Valueline Baffles

Sonex Valueline Baffles – FAQ 1.) How do Sonex Valueline Baffles help in quieting a room, and in what type of area(s) is this product recommended? Sonex Valueline Baffles absorb sound energy from multiple sources, reducing noise and reverberation throughout the environment. These baffles help to improve communication and reduce echo/ reverberation in large open areas. This product is […]

classroom noise

How To Reduce Classroom Noise It’s approaching that time of year again, the time where the suntan lotion and bathing suits are put away and replaced by number two pencils and notebook paper. Conversations deviate from vacations and warm weather to figuring out long division problems and getting that book report in on time. It’s […]