HOW TO CREATE A SOUND HOME   Articled provided by Kirei One of the most important factors in the livability of a house is noise. In some cultures noise is taken for granted. In traditional Japanese houses, the walls were made of bamboo and the rooms were separated by paper screens. The slightest whisper from any part […]

Along with being celebrated as Asian Pacific American Heritage month, May is also Jewish American Heritage Month! By Congressional resolution and Presidential proclamation, MAY is Jewish American Heritage Month. A national month of recognition of the more than 350-year history of Jewish contributions to American culture acknowledging the achievements of American Jews in fields ranging from sports […]

Asian Pacific American

MAY is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! Asian Pacific American Heritage month began in 1978 as Asian American Heritage Week celebrated the first week of May. This date was chosen because the first immigrants from Japan arrived on May 7, 1843. Below are 5 (actually 6)  Asian Pacific American people who have made their mark […]

Room Acoustics Basics

By Jim Koz Why Does The Room Matter? Ever been watching TV and no matter how loud you make the volume, it’s still hard to hear? Ever walk down a long, narrow hall and clap your hands to hear a strange twang echo? Well, those are just some of the effects that rooms have on […]