Box Seals

Box Seals – STC Box Seals

Box Seals are a preformed acoustical seal for outlet boxes made of specially-molded neoprene in similar size and configuration as a cover plate for a recessed electrical device.

It is a gasket that fills the gaps between the cover plate and the wall surface and between the electrical device and the cover plate.

It is held tightly against the wall surface by the cover plate.

Box Seal Applications:

Box seals should be used wherever acoustical privacy and noise control are valued. It is ideal for retrofit and for new construction.

  • Private Offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Personnel offices
  • Tenant demising partitions
  • Hotel rooms and bathrooms
  • Patient rooms
  • Consultation rooms
  • Medical exam rooms
  • Classrooms Auditoriums
  • Theaters
  • Teleconference rooms
  • Band rooms
  • Fabrication areas
  • Laboratories
  • Mechanical equipment rooms

The outlets need to be sealed to obtain the performance level of the partition.

Calculated projections, lab tests and field tests all show that the Box Seal improves the value for the outlet from STC-19 to STC-26.2, an increase that translates to significant improvement in the overall sound isolation performance of the separation.

Full recovery of the partition STC value is usually achieved, given a reasonable number of outlets and normal sound absorption values in the receiving room.<

Box Seal Installation:

Verify that the edge of the outlet box does not protrude beyond the face of the wall. Place preformed seal over exposed outlet box flush with wall surface and with device protruding through opening in seal.

Secure in place with wall plate fasteners.

Additional Box Seal Information:

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