PHONSTOP Ceiling and Wall Tiles are made from 100 percent recycled glass, sintered to form rigid, lightweight and porous sound absorbers. PHONSTOP products have exceptional acoustical properties and are easy to install indoors or outdoors. Made from 100 percent recycled glass Exceptional acoustical properties Two styles: adhere to walls and ceilings or lay-in pinta or […]

WHITELINE Ceiling Tiles have a distinctive smooth finish that is a total departure from the ceiling tiles of the past. Tiles feature white fleece laminated to one surface and black on the reverse surface. The white side has a high light reflectance (0.89). Both colors are ideal for offices, schools, churches, conference rooms and virtually […]

SQUARELINE Metal Ceiling Tiles give ceilings a stunning, modern, high-tech look. Constructed from 35 to 55 percent recycled material, these expanded-metal tiles are available in three distinct patterns with or without an acoustical backer.   If you’re looking for a more dramatic, contemporary look, choose the large mesh pattern of SQUARELINE Ultra or the mid-size […]

HARMONI Ceiling Tiles are the natural choice when you’re looking for a way to combine contemporary styling with excellent acoustical control at a moderate price. They’re a perfect solution for classrooms, offices, conference rooms, listening rooms, home theaters, retail stores, corridors and any other interior area where ceiling tiles are used.   HARMONI Ceiling Tiles […]

CONTOUR tiles add distinction, value and outstanding acoustical control to offices, call centers, lobbies, entertainment facilities, conference and board rooms, retail stores, lodging and healthcare facilities, among others. Pinta’s CONTOUR tiles are available for ceiling grid and adhesive applications. The ceiling grid tiles have a backer board that blocks sound from traveling into adjacent rooms. […]