Acoustic adhesive (part number PA-02) from pinta acoustic, inc. has been specially formulated to use with SONEX® Panels, FABRITEC Wall Panels, CONTOUR® Tiles and PROSPEC® Foams and Composites. This nontoxic, water- based adhesive makes installation hassle-free and provides a strong, permanent bond when adhering. Other adhesives may not be compatible with pinta products and may emit an odor.

  • Nontoxic, water-based adhesive
  • Easy cleanup with soap and water
  • Compatible with both polyurethane and willtec® foams
  • Each 10.5-ounce tube installs up to 32 square feet of product
  • Available in case quantities of 24 tubes
  • Tube fits standard caulking guns or can be used with pinta’s applicator gun (part number PA-01)

General Installation Notes

  • Handle with care. Do not pick up or handle panels or tiles by the corners.
  • Store right side up and flat in a clean, dry area protected from the elements. Do not sit on, or stack anything on top of cartons.
  • Work with clean hands on a clean work surface .Wear clean cotton/canvas gloves for installation.
  • Use a sharp razor or fixed-blade knife and a metal straightedge to cut panels or tiles. The blade should be long and sharp enough to cut through the entire thickness of the foam. An electric carving knife works well.
  • For best results, cut panels from flat side.
  • To create visual flow of the SONEX Value line pattern, space each panel 1” from adjacent panels.
  • When installing SONEX Classic or SONEX Junior, alternate the male and female patterns for checkerboard look or install with 1” space between similar adjacent panels.
  • Overhead installations may require additional support and cure time until adhesive sets.

Installation with Acoustic

  • Make sure both the panels and the surface to which the panels are being applied are dust-and dirt-free. If adhering to a metal surface, use a degreaser.
  • Cut end of adhesive tube to produce a ¼” bead.
  • First apply a ¼” line of adhesive around the perimeter of the panel approximately 1” from the edge.
  • Next apply a ¼” line of adhesive from opposite corners through the center of the panel, creating an “X.”
  • Press Panel into place and hold for 5 seconds.Then pull panel away from the surface for 1 minute to allow adhesive to become tacky.
  • Press the panel back into position and hold again for 5 seconds

This product is manufactured by pinta acoustic, inc. and marketed by Memtech Acoustical, LLC