Impaling Pins

Impaling Pins are steel spindles with corrosion resistant coating. The base plate is 2” square and is made of galvanized steel with a pre-applied, pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) protected by a release paper. Standard lengths are ¾” and 15/8”.

  • Must be applied to a clean, non-porous surface, which is free of all oil, film, dust, rust, etc.
  • Not generally recommended on painted surfaces, drywall, or ceilings of metal buildings
  • Best results are obtained when ambient temperature is above 40 degrees F at time of application
  • Temperature range for the foam tape is -20 degrees to 180+ degrees F
  • Loading should not exceed 3 lbs. per anchor (.75 lb./sq.inch)
  • Base must be applied with firm pressure. Do not twist during application. Do not remove release (backing) paper until ready to use
  • Insulation may be applied immediately after bond is made

Self-Stick Insulation Anchors (Hangers)


Low Carbon Steel-PIN/Plate

Mechanical Properties

Low Carbon Steel-Plate

Also available by special order in all Stainless Steel or all Aluminum.


Galvanized coating is standard.-PIN/Plate


Self-locking washers are available in a variety of sizes , shapes and materials.


12 GA (0.105”) is standard.
Other sizes available by special order only.


1”,1-5/8”,2”,2-1/2”,3-1/2”,4-1/2”,5-1/2”.6-1/2”,8” and 9” are standard.
Other lengths available by special order.