Koolmat Insulation

Koolmat® is a high temperature composite insulation, consisting of densified silicone, cured directly into the surface and weave of a fiber glass mat. The materials are mechanically and permanently joined together during the manufacturing process without adhesives. This technique makes Koolmat® a truly homogenous one of a kind product, which will not separate, tear or easily puncture. Koolmat® is so unique that a US Patent protects it.

Koolmat® handles temperature extremes: The silicone side is suitable for continuous use at temperatures up to 500 degrees F. The fiber glass side will with stand temperatures up to 1100 degrees F. Koolmat® also performs well at low temperatures, remaining flexible down to -40 degrees F.

Koolmat® is watertight: Koolmat’s® thick silicone rubberside provides a durable watertight surface. It insulates, as well as isolates, from the environment. There is no better weather resistant material than silicone.

Koolmat® is durable: Koolmat® will not burn, dry out, heat crack, hold moisture, or wear out under normal use. Race drivers on a budget will often use the same Koolmat insulation on several vehicles throughout many seasons. The thick silicone surface will not wear out or lose its thermal characteristics under normal use unlike most foil faced materials which easily get scuffed and dirty, resulting in loss of thermal performance.

Koolmat® kills noise: In addition to outstanding thermal performance, Koolmat® is an excellent sound deadener. Testing has shown Koolmat to reduce noise by as much as 23 decibels. In automotive applications, road and engine noise are significantly reduced with Koolmat.

Koolmat® is safe: Koolmat® contains no carcinogens like most ceramic blanket insulation, nor does it contain asbestos. Koolmat® is easy to install and safe to handle, making it one of the most versatile insulation materials available.

• Improves your ride
• Improves your relationships with passengers
• LOWERS SOUND by 23 decibels- you can actually hear the radio or passenger speak while driving the car.
• THIN, so it fits under OEM factory carpets
• Abrasion resistant
• Mildew resistant
• Will follow all contours- very flexible
• COMPOSITE- no glues to burn off
• NO ASBESTOS involved in manufacturing
• EASY TO CUT with a box razor knife or scissors
• EASY TO INSTALL w/paste/ sprays/straps or rivets
• Available in bulk
• Available in precut kits
• Used by the TEAMS in NASCAR

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