Noise Meters

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Many industrial measurements of complex noises require a complete knowledge of the variable noise level climate over a period of time. The CEL-620 meter is designed to satisfy this need and to enhance it by providing the capture and display of the highest maximum level and the lowest minimum level together with the integrated time average level.

A super wide 120 dB dynamic range means that the user does not need to worry about changing scales as it will always be on the right scale and the provision of all the popular frequency and time weightings allow many different measurements to be taken by new and experienced users alike.
The full-color, high-precision, graphic LCD enhances the user experience with this new meter.
• Wide dynamic range from 20 to 140 dB on single span
• A, C and Z simultaneous frequency weightings
• Slow, Fast and Impulse rms. time responses
• Large 240 x 320 pixel color ¼ VGA graphic display
• Easy to use menu structure
• Integrating capability for time average values
• Available in ANSI/IEC class 1 and class 2 accuracy
• Available as A version with broad band levels only
• Available as B or C version with real time octave & 1/3 octave band filters plus 3 broad band results A, C& Z
• Storage of all results simultaneously in a huge non-volatile memory
• Available as complete measurement kits with acoustic calibrator and case
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