Prospec Barriers

PROSPEC Barriers are an optimal solution for isolating noisy machinery or improving the transmission loss of substandard walls and ceilings. This one pound per square foot loaded vinyl sheeting is engineered to stop noise transmission. PROSPEC Barrier will not resonate and when properly installed, will provide a high level of sound containment.
The reinforced barrier has an interior mesh-like material allowing it to be hung like a curtain around the noise source. Office applications often involve using the barrier as a wall extension from the wall/ceiling junction up through the plenum to the deck. Other applications include installing it as a partition between manufacturing cells or around machines to help prevent the noise from reverberating through adjacent areas.
The non-reinforced barrier is designed to be attached to walls, unrolled on top of suspended ceilings or woven between studs of a staggered-stud wall construction. To properly support the weight of this product when installed vertically, it is recommended to attach the barrier with nails or screws and washers or staples along the top edge and uniformly throughout the height and length of the barrier sheet.
Clear barrier is a see-through curtain material engineered to block sound without blocking vision. It is perfect for surrounding equipment and work areas where noise reduction is required and visual observation a must. PROSPEC Clear Barrier is resistant to fading and yellowing, easy to cut and install, and won’t shrink after installation.

  • Reinforced, non- reinforced and clear
  • Ideal for containing noise and minimizing sound transmission through walls and/or ceilings
  • Hang it like a curtain, weave it inside a wall cavity, or mount it over an existing wall to help contain noise


  • Home theaters
  • New construction in apartment/condominium complexes
  • Hotels
  • Convention centers
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Machine enclosures
  • Recording Studios
  • Hospital and Clinics


Reinforced and Clear Barriers

  • Can be stapled, nailed, screwed, glued or grommeted. They can also be hung like curtains from ceilings or support frames.
  • When hanging, use screws with washers to attach the top edge or clamp into place with a strip of wood or metal.
  • Designed for indoor use only.
  • Be sure to overlap seams between sheets of barrier.


  • Wrap or lay barrier over noisy objects.
  • Hold in place with nails or screws with washers or staples.
  • When applied to an existing wall, first apply furring strips intermittently along entire wall surface, and then attach the barrier to the furring strips for added support and improved performance.
  • In new construction, thread barrier through staggered studs as shown in the sketch below.
  • Glues are not recommended for long-term support.

Physical Data-PROSPEC Barriers

  Non-reinforced (Black) Reinforced(Grey) Clear
Material 1 lb./sq.ft.polyvinyl chloride(PVC) barrier 1 lb./sq. ft. loaded vinyl with polyester scrim reinforcing 1 lb./sq.ft.clear unreinforced barrier sheet
Surface Smooth Pebble-textured on one side Smooth
Color Black Grey Clear
Specific gravity 2.5 1.8-2.0 N/A
Flexibilty Limp Limp Limp
Tensile Strength 500 psi 200 psi 2400 psi
Tear Strength 60 ppi 325 ppi
Die C Tear ASTM D412 100 lbs
Elongation 200% N/A 370%
Flammability Passes MVSS 302 UL-94 HF UL94V-1 N/A
Operating Temp -20 to +180 degrees Fahrenheit -40 to +200 degrees


0 to 150 degrees


Thickness 1/8” 1/8” 1/8”
Size 54”X20”, 54”X30”, 54”X60” 54”X20”, 54”X60” 48”X60”

Sound Transmission Loss

Transmission Loss Data Type 125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1KHz 2KHz 4KHz STC
Clear 14 19 23 28 33 37 26
Reinforced 13 17 21 28 33 40 26
Non-Reinforced 13 17 22 26 32 37 26