Prospec Composite


PROSPEC Composite combines the benefits of both willtec® acoustical foam and the noise containment capabilities of vinyl barrier into one durable product consisting of :

  • 1″ thick layer of HPC-coated willtec foam, to absorb noise.
  • 1/8″ thick noise barrier, to contain noise and reduce sound transmission.
  • 1/4″ thick willtec decoupler to provide air space between the barrier and the mounting surface for optimal noise containment. This decoupler helps to insulate the barrier from vibrations in the wall.

PROSPEC Composite is an attractive solution for absorbing and containing noise and vibrations in many different types of settings. The panels come standard with a convoluted surface and gray HPC facing for easy clean-up. Rugged Tedlar® facing is available to withstand harsher chemicals and cleaning. Aluminized Mylar® is also available for special applications.


  • Over substandard walls between manufacturing plant and offices
  • To line thin enclosures around machinery, air compressors or similar noise sources
  • In engine compartments
  • Under machinery hoods

Physical data

Material 1” open-cell willtec bonded to 1/8” loaded vinyl barrier with 1/8th willtec decoupler layer
Surface Pattern Sculpted-HPC-coated surface absorbs sound waves
Density Willtec foam 0.7 pounds per cubic foot
Tensile Strength 8PSI
Flammability Class 1 per ASTM E84
Flame Spread HPC-coated Foam-15
Smoke Density HPC-coated Foam-150
Frequencies Hz ASTM E90-90

Transmission Loss

125 17
250 22
500 20
1000 32
2000 31
4000 43
STC 28
** Estimated


Sound Absorption – Prospec Composite

Frequency(Hz) Thickness
125 0.13
250 0.603
500 0.81
1000 0.97
2000 1.00
4000 0.90
NRC 0.85

This product is manufactured by pinta acoustic, inc. and marketed by Memtech Acoustical, LLC