Quiet Curtains









Quiet Curtains produce high quality, stylish acoustic curtains in a variety of fabrics, folds, colors, and acoustic value. Curtains can be provided on a sliding track system or mounted in place. They can be interwoven with noise blocking barrier at varying blocking capabilities to suite customer needs or they can be woven thicker to provide better rates of echo absorption. Each fabric has several colors available to select from and all of these colors have fabric swatches available.

  • Easy to install
  • Good for Residential and Commercial
  • Light Blocking
  • Naturally Fire Resistant

Sound Absorption Results NRC’s

Acoustic Quiet Curtains Low High
Crescent Velour .85 NRC 1.0 NRC
Vara Velvet .75 NRC .90 NRC
Overture .65 NRC .80 NRC
Visa Velvet .55 NRC .70 NRC
Nova Suede .50 NRC .65 NRC
Solitaire .40 NRC .65 NRC

Lab Test Results

TC rating describes the average number of decibels blocked by a material.

STC Sound Blocking curtains work due to their inner linings. These linings are specialized, proprietary vinyl’s made exclusively for Quiet Curtains. The face fabrics used to construct the curtains have little impact on sound blocking. See the Table below for recommended face fabrics.

STC 20 Rated Lining STC 17 Rated Lining STC 15 Rated Lining
Lining Specs
Weight lbs/sf 0.400 0.275 0.225
Fire Rated No Yes Yes
Color Black White White
Vinyl Type MLV Laminated Laminated
STC 20 STC 17 STC 15
Curtain Types
Soft Fold 3 ply X X X
Soft Fold 2 ply X X
Pleated X X
Ripplefold X X
Roman Shade X X
Roller Shade X X
STC 20 STC 17 STC 15
Recommended fabrics
Nova Suede X X X
Visa Velvet X X X
Solitaire X X X
Anti-Microbials X X