Sonex Curtains – Barrier Backed


SONEX Curtain BB is a composite that features sound absorptive willtec® foam quilted with a vinyl facing on one side, bonded to a reinforced noise barrier material. This product provides both excellent sound transmission loss and sound absorption performance.

SONEX Curtain BB is ideal for use as barriers, independent walls, partitions or acoustical screens to isolate noisy machines or specific areas. The combination of barrier and willtec foam contains and absorbs noise in almost any manufacturing environment where durability and dependability are required.
SONEX Curtain BB can be custom manufactured to integrate as a complete acoustical enclosure system giving access to machines or work cells. They are also available in 25′ rolls with finished or unfinished edges.
SONEX Curtains BB are easy to install. Curtain hardware, hanging mechanisms and configuration options include clear vinyl windows, grommets, hook and loop fasteners, doors and sliding tracks. The standard facing material is a vinyl-coated fabric in grey, white, tan or black.

  • Absorbs and contains noise
  • Easy access to machines
  • Rugged and durable
  • Customizable


  • Isolate and absorb noise around compressors, punch presses, vibratory bowls , granulators, turning machines or other noisy equipment
  • Custom made “acoustical jackets” on blowers, fans or compressor housing
  • Separate workstations from noisy high-traffic areas
  • Provide sound containment and absorption in noisy areas
  • Suitable for some outdoor applications

SONEX Curtain BB Product Specifications

Construction One or two layers quilted willtec acoustical foam bonded to 1lb./sq .ft. reinforced barrier
Facing Material Standard: Vinyl-coated fabric(grey,white,tan,black)

Optional: Hi-temp silicone-coated fabric, decorative cloth fabric or non-woven porous scrim fabric

Surface pattern Diamond-quilted pattern or straight-stitch pattern, embossed barrier
Density Willtec foam:0.7lb./cubic ft Barrier: 1lb./sq.ft
Flammability Class 1 per ASTM E84
Flame Spread 21
Smoke Density 171

Sound Absorption Coefficients

Type G Mounting ASTM C423-90
125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1KHz 2KHz 4KHz NRC
BB-1 0.19 0.66 0.76 0.66 0.48 0.35 0.65

Sound transmission Data

ASTM E90-75 ASTM E413-73
  125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1KHz 2KHz 4KHz STC
BB-1 15 18 22 30 42 48 27

This product is manufactured by pinta acoustic, inc. and marketed by Memtech Acoustical, LLC