Pinta acoustic offers a complete solution – from facility design through final certification – with products and expertise to meet the most demanding needs. SONEX Wedges, including SONEX Super and SONEX Max, provide maximum sound absorption for a variety of applications. While SONEX Super Wedges are 12”x12”x6” high, our SONEX Max Wedges can be customized to almost any dimension and thickness to meet your cut-off frequency and test area needs. In working with our technicians, we can help determine the exact shape needed to satisfy your test method.
SONEX Max Wedges can be up to 61” thick if a 63 Hz or higher cut-off frequency is needed for measurement according to ISO 3745 precision method. The willtec foam used to manufacture SONEX Max Wedges also has advantages in that they are lightweight, easy to install and provide complete sound absorption at all frequencies, even the very high frequencies.
SONEX Max Wedges have been used in test facilities of Airbus Industries and NASA Langley Research Center.

Physical Data – willtec foam

Material Open-cell melamine-based foam
Density 0.5 to 0.7 lbs./cu.ft.(ASTM D3574-77)
Long-Term Service Temperature 3020F
Fire Resistance Class 1 per ASTM 84 Meets UL 1715 ( willtec natural)
Flame Spread per ASTM E 84 Natural:5
HPC- coated:15
Smoke Density per ASTM E 84 Natural:50
HPC- coated:150
Fungus Resistance Rating #0 per ASTM G21
Microbial Growth Passes UL 181,section 11
Finishes Natural (white and light grey) or HPC- coated*

This product is manufactured by pinta acoustic, inc. and marketed by Memtech Acoustical, LLC