Acoustics Education

Listening Room Acoustics: 7 Common Myths By Adrian Lo You’ve invested a pretty penny in a great hi-fidelity system, but something still doesn’t sound right to you. Unfortunately, even the most expensive system on its own won’t automatically produce great sound. That’s where room acoustics come in. Room acoustics is an often-misunderstood field – and […]

Room Acoustics Basics

By Jim Koz Why Does The Room Matter? Ever been watching TV and no matter how loud you make the volume, it’s still hard to hear? Ever walk down a long, narrow hall and clap your hands to hear a strange twang echo? Well, those are just some of the effects that rooms have on […]

By Shaun Snaith Acoustic Treatment Overview for Dummies Is soundproofing the same as acoustic treatment? Acoustic treatment products treat the room the absorbing materials are placed in. The materials treat the room by reducing reverberation, echo and standing waves etc. Absorbing materials such as acoustic foam and mineral wool do not stop sound from leaking […]

By Josephine A Rulewski Sound as Power Sound is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the power that creates and the power that destroys. It is the stuff which creation is made of. Everything in creation has cells and atoms and vibrates at a certain frequency, even those that are considered dead, […]

By Ian Patterson Do you live in a neighborhood where there is a lot of external noise from neighbors or passing traffic? External noises interfere with your opportunities to relax after a long day at work. I live in a house that backs onto a main road where traffic is constantly driving past. When I […]