Benefits of soundproofing

Key Steps in Residential Soundproofing Your home should be a peaceful place. It’s hard to relax and enjoy yourself if your home is a cacophony of unwanted noise, though! More and more homeowners are taking a keen interest in residential soundproofing these days. Whether they are building or renovating, these individuals are taking measures to […]

Noise Study Facts and Why Your Business Needs One Noise is everywhere! I’m sure you knew that but I bet you didn’t know that the noise you’re exposed to at work (especially in industrial settings) and even at home over a long period of time will have a negative affect on your hearing and other […]

By Cecelia Brown Have you ever noticed that some businesses seem to offer a calm, controlled environment, while others always seem chaotic and noisy? Busy environments such as restaurants, malls, or office lobbies can be loud and intrusive, or they can feel friendly and inviting. A noisy work space can feel disorderly and can inhibit […]

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