Contour Ceiling Tiles – FAQ

Contour Ceiling Tiles

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1.) What purpose does the Contour Ceiling Tile fulfill? What makes the tiles unique?

CONTOUR tiles with a backer-board have a ceiling attenuation class (CAC) of 34 to help contain sound – thus making them ideal for applications requiring additional privacy.

Both the adhesive and ceiling grid CONTOUR tiles provide exceptional sound absorption and have Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) up to 1.20, depending on the pattern chosen.

These tiles are available in various subtle and dramatic designs which can be mixed and matched to formulate a distinct or unique look.

Custom patterns, including corporate logos, and color matching are available for creating a signature ceiling that stands out.

2.) What types of applications are these tiles best suited for?

These tiles have the ability to add distinction as well as acoustical control to offices, call centers, lobbies, entertainment facilities, conference and board rooms, retail stores, lodging and healthcare facilities, and much more.

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