5 Tips To Help You Build A Professional Sounding Recording Studio At Home

Recording Studio
By Cathy Smith

Most aspiring musicians aren’t financially sound given the state of the economy where they strive to let the world know about their talent. There are several who are running towards the same goal and thus recording a song in a recording studio isn’t always affordable by one and all.

The cost of renting a recording studio and recording a song until perfection would no doubt take up time and thus cause musicians to spend money overtly.

If you are an amateur and need to bring perfection to trial and error, a professional recording studio is expensive.

A great alternative to recording a song in a professional studio is to record it at home instead all by yourself with the basic amenities that would aid in recording a music track.

Here are a few tips that can help you create a perfect recording at home and not spend money on a professional recording studio.

recording studio

Remove noisy elements – Appliances and gadgets like fans and air-conditioners tend to create sound in the background while you record. It may not be audible to the human ear but the recorder grasps the noise. These elements make the track noisy and, therefore, disturbing the process.

Arrange for good acoustic conditions in the room – Wooden floors, tiled walls, counter tops, etc. are known to be highly reflective and cause your recording to echo. Glass windows too become a spoiled sport and affect the recording. Covering the floor with carpets, windows with curtains, etc. can make the room warm and cozy for the voice to get captured well in the recording.

Keep the recording microphone away from the computer – The computer screen that lets you control the recording should be maintained at a distance from the microphone that captures your recording. The computer too has a sound of its own that at times gets captured by the recorder.

Use professional software – If renting recording equipment, you can also rent professional recording software that allows you to see the dynamics of the voice and lets you know the appropriate changes that you can make to your voice.

The distance from the microphone – While you record your song, it is necessary to keep your mouth at least six inches away from the recording device. It lets the voice come out well without having to let the recorder capture the sound of your breath. You can always experiment with the kind of sound that is recorded by increasing or decreasing the distance. Settle for the one that sounds impeccable with the right sound and that would make the best soundtrack.

The author Cathy Smith has experiences in watching people record their music at home. She also has relevant information on online mixing and mastering where there are professionals bringing perfection to a recording.

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recording studio

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