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Indoor Pools Soundproofing

As environments like indoor swimming pools and indoor water parks are gaining popularity, these facilities are being used for much more than just recreation. Activities such as swimming lessons, kayaking, SCUBA diving instruction and aquatic exercise have become increasingly popular.


Communication between swimmers, lifeguards and instructors during these activities may be disrupted because of the echoes in these facilities.


Most people have heard an echo in indoor pools and there are several aspects of pool designs which contribute to this echo: cement, tile, glass and other hard, flat surfaces such as water. In fact, water has been found to be a significant source of echo.


The best way to intervene on these noise issues is to install a sound absorption product such as acoustic panels or acoustic baffles. Give us a call today to see how we can help quiet your indoor pool or water park facility.

Picture Courtesy Of Pinta Acoustic, incFor optimal absorption, the panels should be installed on the ceiling or rafters and the upper portion of the walls.

Picture Courtesy Of Pinta Acoustic, incSONEX Valueline Panels improve communication by reducing the echo heard.

Indoor Pool SoundproofingMost people have experienced the echo heard in indoor pools.

Indoor Pool SoundproofingSeveral aspects of pool designs contribute to the echo: cement, tile, glass and other hard, flat surfaces such as water.

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Acoustical Panels Acoustical Baffles

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