Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier

Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier – Sound Barrier

Picture Courtesy of Pinta Acoustic, inc

Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier helps to STOP noise transmission and begin sound deadening. Memtech Acoustical – Vinyl Barriers are an optimal solution for isolating noisy machinery or improving the transmission loss of substandard walls and ceilings.

This one pound per square foot loaded vinyl sheeting is engineered to stop noise transmission. Mass loaded vinyl barrier will not resonate and when properly installed, will provide a high level of sound containment.

This reinforced barrier has an interior mesh-like material that allows it to be hung like a curtain around a noise source.

This barrier may also be attached to walls, unrolled on top of suspended ceilings, or woven between studs of a staggered stud wall construction.


  • Home theaters
  • New construction in apartment/condominium complexes
  • Hotels
  • Convention centers
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Machine enclosures
  • Recording studios
  • Hospital and clinics

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Picture Courtesy of Pinta Acoustic, inc