About Us – Memtech Acoustical

MEMTECH Corporation has been a supplier of industrial doors, seals, weather-stripping and other specialty products for over 30 years.

Memtech Acoustical was formed in 2001 to address the needs of commercial and industrial customers who wanted sound reduction and abatement services in conjunction with the installation of door seals or other MEMTECH products.

Memtech Acoustical expanded quickly, based on outstanding customer service, low prices, and the ability to provide turn-key solutions to difficult noise control problems.

Memtech Acoustical LLC became an independent entity in 2010, and moved to our current office in Rochester Hills, Michigan, about an hour north of Detroit.

Our staff consists of licensed professional engineers, acousticians and installers, who can solve virtually any noise problem. 

We provide total solutions, from the initial technical analysis, specification through purchase of materials, complete installation, and final verification of the results.

There is no need to call consultants, order acoustic materials and hire contractors…we do it all! 

We will work in any commercial, industrial, or residential environment, anywhere in the world.


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We have successfully provided noise control solutions to clients in: automotive, industrial, restaurants and bars, schools, churches, recording studios, retail stores and many others.  See our Customer Page for a list of our customers.

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