Memtech Acoustical Noise Control & Soundproofing

Memtech Acoustical Noise Control & Soundproofing

Memtech Acoustical Noise Control and Soundproofing Services

MEMTECH is a Michigan-owned company which fills an important “niche” in noise control services.

Our mission is to be the leading “Full Service/Low Cost Provider of Noise Control Solutions”. This is a unique role, as there are few companies who take this approach.

As an example, there are typically three categories of noise control providers available today:

  • Consulting and Technical Services Companies

These organizations target laboratories, research facilities and high-tech industrial customers. Typically consisting of PhD scientists and advanced analytical engineers, their products often consist of lengthy technical reports intended for solving very complex acoustical problems.

While very competent and thorough in their work, the hourly cost is very high, and most do not get involved in the specification and installation of noise control materials.

  • Construction Companies 

Most local construction and building repair companies have done some form of noise-control work via the installation of acoustic ceilings and barrier walls.

However, very few have the technical capability to fully analyze a noise problem and recommend the optimum solution while minimizing cost.

  • Sales Companies 

Many acoustic material sales companies are confined to a limited number of acoustic products, which severely restricts the solutions that can be provided. They may not be able to give you the lowest-cost quote, due to a restrictive product line.

Memtech fits into none of these categories. Our goal is to “solve your noise problem” at the lowest cost and in the most efficient manner possible.

We are your one-stop shop for noise control. While we have highly qualified acoustic engineers and analysts on staff, we also have individuals with many years’ experience in building construction and interior detail work.

We can quickly measure, analyze and quantify your noise concerns, and provide an array of solutions to fit your budget.

We have no restrictions on the products we can select to do the job. We can custom-fabricate almost any kind of noise-control structure in our fully-equipped shop. Our staff of installers can handle virtually any job, from a small apartment to the largest auditorium.

MEMTECH is the leader in low-cost effective noise control for industry, residences and commercial businesses. Give us a call for a free quote!

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