Recording Studio Soundproofing

Recording Studio Soundproofing – Acoustic Foam


Proper recording studio soundproofing is crucial in creating the right sound. Studios and music rooms require a quiet environment for recording, but often suffer from external noises and reverberation (echo) that interfere with sound quality.

Studios that are designed for broadcasting and recording require structural and architectural features that optimize sound in the room and block unwanted noise. The quality of the broadcast or recording is only as good as the acoustical environment it is recorded in.

The major benefit of an acoustically sound broadcasting or recording studio is the ability to capture optimal sound during recording. Memtech Acoustical has creative, cost effective solutions to assist you in creating a paramount recording environment.

At Memtech Acoustical we offer a wide variety of sound control products that are applicable for the studio. We can provide consulting and product installation for studios large and small from acoustical doors and windows to ceiling and wall applications.

We can eliminate external noise, reduce reverberation and improve sound quality.

Voice recording rooms can be used for recording text for educational purposes and entertainment. It is imperative that the speaker’s voice is protected from interference from outside noise and reverberation.

Memtech Acoustical is committed to locating, analyzing and solving your acoustical needs at your studio.

Memtech Acoustical Recording Studio Solutions:

  • Baffles-absorbing the noise with various materials
  • Barriers-contain noise to its origin
  • Duct Lining-lining HVAC units to decrease noise
  • Door Seals-keeping unwanted noise out of a room or to keep noise in
  • Ceiling Tiles-absorbent tiles placed in the ceiling
  • Fabritec Panels-decorative paneling designed to absorb noise
  • Bass Corner Traps- traps low frequency sounds
  • Sound Proof Windows-create a barrier between broadcast and control rooms
  • Overly Doors
recording-studio-soundproofingSound absorptive clouds are used in a studio’s live room to reduce reverberation or echo.

recording-studio-soundproofing-2This sound room uses stylish wall panels to reduce reverberation (echo) and an optimum recording studio.

recording-studio-soundproofing-4A floor to ceiling bass trap was installed in studio’s live room, this helps with better overall sound quality.

recording-studio-soundproofing-1Acoustical Enclosures that utilize noise blocking curtains are used to contain and reduce excessive noise from industrial robots and machines to help with recording studio soundproofing.

recording-studio-soundproofing-3Memtech installed acoustical doors and windows in this studio.

recording-studio-soundproofing-5Diffusers and acoustical wall panels are mounted on walls of a room to reduce reverberation and improve room acoustics.

Products Include:

Acoustic Baffles | Acoustical Panels | Acoustical Ceiling Tiles | Acoustic Wedges | Acoustical Doors and Windows

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