Restaurant Soundproofing

Restaurant Soundproofing – Bar Soundproofing

Excessive noise and reverberation or echo are a very common problem in restaurants, this is why proper restaurant soundproofing is a must. By having just the right combination of acoustical absorption, a restaurant’s atmosphere becomes increasingly more pleasing on the ears.

By using products such as acoustical baffles, panels, and ceiling tiles, we can reduce the noise and echo in any restaurant. We know that decor and atmosphere are what makes a restaurant unique, thus we have a wide variety of solutions available to fit your specific needs.

Let the noise experts at Memtech Acoustical transform your restaurant’s acoustics.

Memtech Acoustical is here to help with all of your restaurant and bar soundproofing needs.

We are experienced professionals in the field noise control, and can formulate a solution to fit your needs and budget.

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Restaurant Soundproofing Benefits:

  • Presents customers with a positive experience that encourages them to come back
  • Better overall communication, resulting in reduced errors during the ordering process
  • Promoting safety in the work environment
  • Helps maintain OSHA noise guidelines

The acoustical treatment shown helps to reduce reverberation in noisy areas of a restaurant.


Pyramid panels are a great noise control solution to help to minimize the reflection within the restaurant.


By applying melamine foam panels to the ceiling, we are able to improve speech intelligibility in the restaurant.


Sonex valueline panels are a sleek, effective noise control solution that promotes restaurant soundproofing and improves overall speech intelligibility.


Products Include:

Acoustical Wall Panels | Acoustical Ceiling Tiles | Acoustical Baffles