Sonex Curtains Barrier Backed – FAQ

sonex curtains barrier backed

1.) What are Sonex Curtains made of and what purpose do they serve?

Sonex Curtain BB is a composite that features sound absorptive willtec foam quilted with a vinyl facing on one side, bonded to a reinforced noise barrier material.

This product has the ability to provide excellent sound transmission loss and sound absorption performance.

2.) What applications are these curtains best suited for?

Sonex Curtain BB is ideal for use as barriers, independent walls, partitions or acoustical screens to isolate noisy machines or specific areas.

The combination of barrier and willtec foams contains and absorbs noise in almost any manufacturing environment.

These curtains have the ability to both isolate and absorb noise around compressors, punch presses, vibratory bowls, turning machines, and other noisy equipment.


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