Sonex Valueline Baffles – FAQ


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1.) How do Sonex Valueline Baffles help in quieting a room, and in what type of area(s) is this product recommended?

Sonex Valueline Baffles absorb sound energy from multiple sources, reducing noise and reverberation throughout the environment. These baffles help to improve communication and reduce echo/ reverberation in large open areas.

This product is recommended for a wide range of areas including large classrooms, gymnasiums, multipurpose rooms, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and even indoor pools. 

2.) How are these products installed?

Sonex Valueline Baffles are field-fitted with stainless steel corkscrew hangers, making them easy to install over individual workstations or above an entire floor.

Wall-to-wall cable installation is completed by sliding baffles into place from one side of the room, allowing activities to continue uninterrupted. Ceiling cable installation allows baffles to be arranged in box-like or crisscross patterns.

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