5 Soundproofing Products You Didn’t Know You Needed


Quiet Coat

Soundproofing Products

Quiet Coat is a viscoelastic polymer used for noise and vibration damping. Quiet Coat is spray-able, and can be used on steel (iron, galvanized, stainless), brass, aluminum, alloys, copper, PVC, composites and other nonporous materials.

Box Seals

Soundproofing Products

Box Seals are a preformed acoustical seal for outlet boxes made of specially-molded neoprene in similar size and configuration as a cover plate for a recessed electrical device.

It is a gasket that fills the gaps between the cover plate and the wall surface and between the electrical device and the cover plate.

Sound Masking Systems

Soundproofing Products

Memtech Acoustical has supplied and installed CSM (Cambridge Sound Management) technology systems for our customers in the military, medical and educational fields. Cambridge offers innovative, simple and intelligently engineered solutions to the problems of privacy and acoustic distractions.

Described as the “cover” portion of the equation, sound masking is the addition of an unobtrusive background sound, similar to airflow, to reduce the intelligibility of human speech and reduce distractions.

Soundproof Windows

Soundproofing Products

Soundproof Windows are custom-made windows that will reduce noise levels by 75-95%. Much better than any regular replacement windows, Soundproof Windows will act as a sound barrier and eliminate your noise problem.
More than 90% of all the exterior noise comes in through your doors and windows – your walls are almost never the problem.

Quiet Putty

Soundproofing Products

QuietPutty is moldable putty that possesses acoustical properties and is used to seal penetrations such as electrical outlets, HVAC ducts, water hookups, and cables.

QuietPutty is very easy to install, requiring no tools for application. To use, simply place and press the putty on the back of an outlet box or other target area.