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4 Easy Ways To Creatively Soundproof Your Home with Wall Panels Do you live in a building with noisy neighbors and kids running through the halls? I do. And, it gets on my nerves! Apart from making complaints to management or moving you figure there’s nothing more you can do, right? Wrong! So, what can […]

Acoustics 101 Reverberation: In an enclosed space, when a sound source stops emitting energy, it takes some time for the sound to become inaudible. This prolongation of the sound in the room caused by continued multiple reflections is called reverberation.Reverberation time plays a crucial role in the quality of music and the ability to understand […]

Our Memtech Acoustical team attended the 2014 Michigan Restaurant Show at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI. The Michigan Restaurant Show is the premier food service and hospitality trade show in Michigan. As exhibitors, we had the pleasure of meeting many people in the restaurant industry who were interested in our products and services. […]

Prospec Barrier – FAQ 1.) What is the purpose of a Prospec Barrier? Prospec Barriers are an optimal solution for isolating noisy machinery or improving the transmission loss of substandard walls and ceilings. The one pound per square foot loaded vinyl sheeting is engineered to stop noise transmission. Prospec Barrier will not resonate and when […]

J. Baldwin’s Restaurant  Location: Clinton Township, MI Introduction: When we first met the owners of  J. Baldwins at the Michigan Restaurant Show, they were in the process of fixing damage from a recent fire. They planned to keep their concrete floors along with other hard surfaces that would create problems with excessive noise reflection in the […]

Harmoni Ceiling Tiles FAQ 1.) What environments are Harmoni Ceiling Tiles suitable for? How are they cleaned? These tiles are suitable for a variety of applications including but not limited to: classrooms, offices, conference rooms, listening rooms, home theaters, retail stores, and corridors. These tiles are easy to clean with a damp cloth, but make […]