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Key Steps in Residential Soundproofing Your home should be a peaceful place. It’s hard to relax and enjoy yourself if your home is a cacophony of unwanted noise, though! More and more homeowners are taking a keen interest in residential soundproofing these days. Whether they are building or renovating, these individuals are taking measures to […]

By Christopher Luck What should you know about acoustical ceiling tiles as far as what they are and why they are popular? I had heard of acoustic ceiling tiles, but had never bothered to ask what they were until I started looking at installing a ceiling in my basement. I didn’t know what they were, […]

Boosting Students’ Learning With Soundproofing Sound-Absorbing Ceiling Tiles Help With Concentration Installing sound-absorbing ceiling tiles that increase soundproofing in elementary-school classrooms could significantly improve children’s learning and comprehension, says a study from Applied Acoustics. Following the installation of acoustic tiles in a classroom in China, 86% of students said the teacher’s speech was clearer and […]

Harmoni Ceiling Tiles FAQ 1.) What environments are Harmoni Ceiling Tiles suitable for? How are they cleaned? These tiles are suitable for a variety of applications including but not limited to: classrooms, offices, conference rooms, listening rooms, home theaters, retail stores, and corridors. These tiles are easy to clean with a damp cloth, but make […]