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Sonex Wedges – FAQ 1.) What is the difference between a Sonex Super Wedge and a Sonex Max Wedge? Sonex Wedges, including Sonex Super and Sonex Max, provide maximum sound absorption for a variety of applications. While Sonex Super Wedges are 12″x12″x6″ high, our Sonex Max Wedges can be customized to almost any dimension and […]

Sonex Clean Products – FAQ 1.) What purpose does Sonex Clean Products serve and in what applications are they best suited for? Sonex Clean Products are used in environments that require noise control such as bottling and food processing plants, clean rooms and food preparation areas, as well as aquatic centers and gymnasiums. They are […]

Reducing Restaurant Noise Have you ever been to a restaurant where the atmosphere is great, the décor is inviting, and the food smells delectable? However, have you in turn ever been to a restaurant that had great potential, but the fact that you can’t hear what the person 2 ft. away from you was saying, […]

What is Noise? Noise, we hear it all day long. It’s everywhere we go, in our cars, in our homes, at the office, you name it. If you think that noise is each and every sound you hear during your daily routines, you’re mistaken. Noise is in fact defined as an unwanted sound, like nails […]