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The Bottomless Toy Chest We love giving back to the community all year long, but Christmas time has a special meaning for us. One charity we chose to give back to this holiday season was The bottomless Toy Chest, which is an organization that delivers toys and games to children with cancer. We hosted a wrapping party […]

Sonex Clean Products – FAQ 1.) What purpose does Sonex Clean Products serve and in what applications are they best suited for? Sonex Clean Products are used in environments that require noise control such as bottling and food processing plants, clean rooms and food preparation areas, as well as aquatic centers and gymnasiums. They are […]

Sonex Valueline Baffles – FAQ 1.) How do Sonex Valueline Baffles help in quieting a room, and in what type of area(s) is this product recommended? Sonex Valueline Baffles absorb sound energy from multiple sources, reducing noise and reverberation throughout the environment. These baffles help to improve communication and reduce echo/ reverberation in large open areas. This product is […]

How To Reduce Classroom Noise It’s approaching that time of year again, the time where the suntan lotion and bathing suits are put away and replaced by number two pencils and notebook paper. Conversations deviate from vacations and warm weather to figuring out long division problems and getting that book report in on time. It’s […]