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Prince and Paisley Park Recording Studios In 1985, 23-year-old architect Bret Thoeny was asked to build something he had never constructed before: an artist’s compound. “Back then, this wasn’t done. Artist’s weren’t building their own compounds, only large companies or record labels were,” Thoeny said in an interview with Billboard Thursday night (April 22). “But Prince had this vision […]

5 Tips To Help You Build A Professional Sounding Recording Studio At Home By Cathy Smith Most aspiring musicians aren’t financially sound given the state of the economy where they strive to let the world know about their talent. There are several who are running towards the same goal and thus recording a song in […]

By Matt W 8 Tips to Make Vocals in Music Recordings Sound Professional First things first Every voice is different. Settings that help the voice of the top-selling artist to be at the top of the charts, might do nothing to help your voice. In fact, such settings might even harm it. Keep that in […]

By Andreas Moritz Natural sounds are extremely important for maintaining balance on all levels of existence i.e. mind, body, behavior and environment. Unless deaf, we cannot even remotely imagine what this world would be like without sounds. An environment without the gushing sounds of a waterfall, the singing of birds, the humming sounds of bees, […]

By Doug Poe Music enthusiasts enjoyed some unforeseen releases in 2015, and this year will hopefully provide some more. Several big name artists have already scheduled new material for release, but there are also surprises in store again. Last year saw Adele set sales records for her November release, simply titled 25. Taylor Swift made […]

  By Rajiv Agarwal Every day, we hear a wide variety of sounds and noises that our brains must process for us so that we can make sense out of them. Some of these noises can be pleasant and others can be jarring. A nice piece of classical music can be soothing, but if your […]

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