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Speech Privacy: Dealing with Work Environment and Legal Requirements Speech Privacy: Picture a typical office environment that you’ve worked on as a systems integrator. What does it look like? Chances are, it’s an open office with private offices along the walls and a bunch of cubicles in the middle. Are many of the walls to […]

  Health and Safety 101: How to protect your contractors against construction noise Rob Doole – Major Projects  How to reduce construction noise: Construction sites can be particularly noisy places and it’s important that employers and staff take necessary precautions to ensure they do not risk damaging their hearing in the long term. It is vitally […]

Boosting Students’ Learning With Soundproofing Sound-Absorbing Ceiling Tiles Help With Concentration Installing sound-absorbing ceiling tiles that increase soundproofing in elementary-school classrooms could significantly improve children’s learning and comprehension, says a study from Applied Acoustics. Following the installation of acoustic tiles in a classroom in China, 86% of students said the teacher’s speech was clearer and […]

  A teachable moment offers a great opportunity to help your tween learn what to do to protect his or her hearing from noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). You can use any spontaneous or unplanned event as a learning opportunity. In these moments, your child is suddenly open to learning new ideas. Teachable moments are particularly […]

  Sound Advice on Hearing Protection for Young Ears Hearing Protection Facts: Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) occurs when tiny sensory cells in our inner ear, called hair cells, are damaged by sounds that are too loud and that last too long. How near we are to the source of the noise also matters. NIHL can […]

  Hearing Protection: Children ages 8 to 12, or tweens, are becoming more independent and spending more time without direct adult supervision. They also ask for a greater say in their activities, music, and clothes. Most important, tweens continue to develop their own attitudes about their health. Parents and other adults can encourage tweens to […]