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Key Steps in Residential Soundproofing Your home should be a peaceful place. It’s hard to relax and enjoy yourself if your home is a cacophony of unwanted noise, though! More and more homeowners are taking a keen interest in residential soundproofing these days. Whether they are building or renovating, these individuals are taking measures to […]

Noise Study Facts and Why Your Business Needs One Noise is everywhere! I’m sure you knew that but I bet you didn’t know that the noise you’re exposed to at work (especially in industrial settings) and even at home over a long period of time will have a negative affect on your hearing and other […]

By Naia Smith From an early age I wondered, “What is that constant background sound in my ears?” The sound is a high-frequency pitch and I notice it everywhere. It is either everywhere like the air we breathe around us or it follows me everywhere I go like my shadow. I notice the sound particularly […]

By Andreas Moritz Natural sounds are extremely important for maintaining balance on all levels of existence i.e. mind, body, behavior and environment. Unless deaf, we cannot even remotely imagine what this world would be like without sounds. An environment without the gushing sounds of a waterfall, the singing of birds, the humming sounds of bees, […]

By Lee Blue There are many types of audio and visual noise that can cause distractions that break concentration and increase stress. There’s the noise of traffic and conversations when we’re walking down the street, but then there’s the subtle everyday noises of our homes and offices that can easily distract us: doors shutting, the […]

By George L Hinkhouse You will want your new home to be quiet and relaxing. This article offers tips and suggestions for keeping the noise inside your home to a minimum and especially preventing outside noise coming inside. Insulation. Probably the most efficient way to reduce noise is the use of insulation, both for exterior […]