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Utilities and Government Noise Control – Memtech Acoustical

Do you need a noise control solution that complies with government regulations?

Government noise control is a must. Government agency’s such as OSHA and NIOSH establish strict standards for noise levels in the workplace.

This is the case in the private industry as well as various utility and government facilities. At Memtech Acoustical, we have worked with many utility providers and government entity’s (Federal and Municipal) in helping them reach compliance to OSHA/NIOSH mandated noise levels.

Memtech Acoustical can provide the noise study and subsequent noise reports, as well as a detailed and comprehensive solution. Let us help you with your government noise control issues.


At NASA, acoustical composite materials were used to quiet a cooling system.


In water treatment plants, acoustical pipe insulation is used to lessen pipe noise as well as address condensation concerns.


Acoustical curtains are used to block excessive compressor noise in this power plant.


A thermal/acoustical enclosure was installed as an on-site testing facility in this power plant.

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