Anti Vibration Pads – Shock Mounts – Vibration Mounts

Vibration Mounts – Anti Vibration Pads – Shock Mounts

Vibrations generated by machines and equipment are disturbing. This is why vibration mounts are a must. The need to reduce vibration transmissions place increased demands on engineers and operators. Vibration insulation is therefore a must. Memtech Acoustical has partnered with the Airloc company because of their over 50 years’ experience with providing quality products related to impact sound insulation and machine set up technology.

Airloc pads are specialized products in the field of vibration control engineering. The Airloc pads reduce noise and impact sound while separating them from the disturbing element. Simple, easy and fast mounting for free-standing machine installations. Hardly any production loss when relocating and substantial cost savings. Airloc vibration control and impact sound isolation pads are the basic condition for fulfilling the sound protection measures in production facilities prescribed by law.

  • Adjustable Levelers
  • Damping Pads
  • Machine Mounts
  • Foundation Isolation




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