Whisperwave Baffles

Whisperwave Baffles – Soundproofing Foam

Whisperwave-BafflesWhisperwave baffles provide exceptional acoustical control and design flexibility. These noise control acoustic baffles are also lightweight and easy to install. Whisperwave baffles are made from pinta’s willtec® foam and are ideal for use in classrooms, cafeterias, multipurpose rooms, indoor swimming pols, offices, libraries, religious facilities and other large open areas. Whisperwave baffles are Class 1 fire-rated for flame spread and smoke density. These baffles are easily installed using corkscrew hangers using either wall to wall cable installation or ceiling mounted cable installation. Whisperwave baffles can be aligned in the same direction or arranged so that every other baffles is turned 90 degrees.

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  • Classrooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Multipurpose rooms
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Offices
  • Libraries
  • Religious facilities
  • Other large open areas

Color Options:
Custom colors are available at an additional charge


Click here for Whisperwave® Baffles product specifications and installation instructions

This product is manufactured by pinta acoustic, inc. and marketed by Memtech Acoustical, LLC