Industrial Noise Control

Industrial Noise Control – Soundproofing

Do you have a problem with industrial noise?
Industrial noise can come from a variety of sources. That’s why industrial noise control is a must. High noise levels have a negative effect on employee morale and productivity.

A recent survey found that the #1 factor employees believed would increase job performance was the ability to concentrate without noise and other distractions. Excessive noise can increase fatigue, shorten attention span and cause permanent hearing damage.

Memtech Acoustical has extensive experience in this area of noise control. We target specific areas of concern and provide solutions to reduce or eliminate harmful noise. Our team is committed to helping businesses provide a safe work environment for their employees while improving overall efficiency.

Let us help you find the best solution for your industrial noise control needs.

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Benefits of Industrial Noise Control:

  • Increased safety, ability to hear warnings/alarms
  • Reduced need for hearing protection
  • Decreased rate of hearing loss
  • Improved quality of life in later years
  • Healthier more enjoyable work environment
  • Reduction in hearing loss litigation
  • Reduction of hearing conservation programs
  • Compliance with OSHA Standards
Industrial-Noise-ControlIn automotive plants, soundproof curtains, acoustic foam baffles and panels are installed to block industrial noise.

Industrial-Noise-Control-3Acoustical wedges are installed within enclosures and hemi-anechoic chambers to provide controlled environments for sensitive analysis, testing, and critical noise readings.

Industrial-Noise-Control-1Acoustical Enclosures that utilize noise blocking curtains are used to contain and reduce excessive noise from industrial robots and machines.

Industrial-Noise-Control-2We design and build acoustical enclosures to surround large industrial machines.

Industrial-Noise-Control-4Acoustical Enclosures are designed and built to provide ideal environments for testing labs.

Industrial-Noise-Control-5Noise blocking curtains are custom designed to surround loud machinery and contain unwanted noise.

Products Include:

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