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Medical Facility Soundproofing – Memtech Acoustical

Does your medical facility need to address noise issues as well as speech privacy?

Medical facilities are confronted with many acoustic challenges. That’s why proper medical facility soundproofing is a must.

Common problems include maintaining a quiet and comfortable environment in waiting rooms, as well as freeing patient treatment and recovery areas of noise distractions.

Speech privacy is an important concern as outlined in HIPPA legislation. As active members of MISHE (Michigan Society of Health Care Engineers), Memtech Acoustical has experience in medical facility soundproofing and we have worked with many clients in addressing these various challenges. Acoustical products such as Fabritec© wall panels provide sound absorption as well as the aesthetics to compliment your interior design.

By implementing sound masking (white noise) we can help ensure that you meet your speech privacy obligations.

Whether the issue is noise or speech privacy, we are here to find a solution unique to your needs.

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Medical-Facility-SoundproofingMedical waiting rooms are ideal environments for acoustical treatments such as acoustical wall panels, ceiling tiles and sound masking.

Medical-Facility-Soundproofing-1Acoustical ceiling tiles are used to reduce noise in this recovery area.

Medical-Facility-Soundproofing-2Acoustical panels are used in doctors’ offices to reduce echo and improve speech intelligibility.

Medical-Facility-Soundproofing-3Medical facilities will use sound masking to ensure their patients speech privacy.

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