Pet Care Facilities

Pet Care Facility Soundproofing – Animal Shelter Soundproofing

Pet care facilities are a place where the care and comfort of patients and pet resort guests is the highest priority. This is to ensure a pet may experience a long, healthy life. That’s why pet care facility soundproofing is a must.

Noise reverberation or echo is the primary noise concern within pet care facilities. This noise can become overwhelming and distracting, presenting a negative impact on both the surrounding office space and/or nearby neighbors, as well as on people/animals within the boarding area itself.

Proper acoustical treatments can help reduce the exposure levels and make the space more user friendly, for both people and animals. Memtech Acoustical offers treatments that will significantly reduce noise in dog daycare facilities, kennels, and other types of pet related facilities.

Using products such as acoustical wall/ceiling panels or baffles, we are able to absorb noise in these spaces. We also used products such as barrier to block noise where needed.

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Pet-Care-Facility-SoundproofingSonex Baffles come in a variety of colors to match the interior of your pet care facility.

Pet-Care-Facility-Soundproofing-2Noise blocking curtains are custom designed to surround kennels and contain unwanted noise.

Pet-Care-Facility-Soundproofing-1Sonex Baffles help reduce noise reverberation or echo.

Pet-Care-Facility-Soundproofing-3Proper acoustical treatments help reduce exposure levels to excessive noise.