Quiet Coat

QuietCoat – Damping Compound


Quiet Coat is a viscoelastic polymer used for noise and vibration damping. Quiet Coat is spray-able, and can be used on steel (iron, galvanized, stainless), brass, aluminum, alloys, copper, PVC, composites and other nonporous materials.

At a low cost and weight, Quiet Coat is used by various major OEM’s worldwide for help in reducing noise and vibration in their products.

Quiet Coat Benefits:

  • Fully ROHS Compliant
  • Meets the highest industry flammability standards
  • Anti fungal and anti-rust capability
  • Vibration damping results in less noise and vibration and reduced metal and joint fatigue

Quiet Coat Applications:

  • Computer cases
  • Consumer electronics
  • Appliances
  • Factory process and material handling
  • Numerical controlled machinery
  • Lathes, vibratory feeder bowls
  • HVAC, air handling units, ducts
  • Elevators, escalators

Available Colors:

  • Charcoal
  • Gray

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